Adventures In Australia- Poms Down Under!

My name is Sarah and I am travelling around Australia with my sister Rebecca  and an old au pair for six months in Australia. We have written this blog to keep our friends and family up to date on our whereabouts and our exciting adventures. We are also looking for information and advice on places to go and things to go and see.

We have just arrived, so excited. Here is a picture of our plane just after we landed taken by my Auntie Beryl. Tomorrow I am off to Dunsborough which I am really looking forward to and then to check out some of the latest developments from Melros Beach, Rosa Park and SRA.

I am looking for some recommendations on holiday homes Dunsborough so please get in touch if anyone knows of where I can go. I’ve also had an issue with my windscreen on my hire car and got some excellent service from Autoscreens.

My sister is with me on this trip and she is a health architect so we hope to go and tour some of the newest hospital buildings in WA and throughout Australia. By the way, does anyone know where I can get an online white card as I want to get some work with the Ark Maintenance. My friend has been doing some work with IQ PC and helping them out with some It Support, can’t wait to hear some more about their work.